Answer Section A and any TWO questions in Section B

1. a) Discuss the mathematics teaching development in secondary schools since
independence to the present day under the following headings.
i. Text books
ii. Mathematics teachers
iii. Mathematics teaching Methods
iv. The mathematics Curriculum (20 marks)
b) Evaluate how you can integrate. Discussion method in mathematics teaching
(10 marks)

2. Discuss the characteristics and use of a good mathematics class text book (20 marks)

3. Citing a mathematics problem (question) examine how you can solve it using the
mathematics problem solving a technique which has been modified from Bell and Barton
problem solving technique. (20 marks)

4. Choose any mathematics topic and discuss how you can prepare for the 40 minutes lesson
(20 marks)

5. i. Defend the advantages of any Special Method of teaching Mathematics (10 marks)
ii. How is the teaching of Mathematics different from the arts subjects (10 marks)

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