Maasai Mara University Entrepreneurship 2015 Rev

  1. a) Define the following concepts
    i. Entrepreneurship
    ii. Self-employment
    iii. Small businesses
    b) Differentiate between self-employment and paid employment. Give examples in each
    c) State at least three functions of opportunistic entrepreneurs (6 marks)
    d) State four important factors consider before starting a business
    e) Briefly explain the sources of business ideas
    a) Kioko resigned from the government paid salary where he earned fifty thousand Kenya shillings per month and started his own business.
    Discuss some factors that he considered in becoming self-enıployed
    verses paid employment
    b) Kioko is likely to encounter various challenges when starting his own business. Discuss the statement citing relevant examples in each
    a) As a young entrepreneur with a vision of business growth. Discuss in details reasons for business failure.
    b)A business idea is a pre-requisite for a person venturing into business.
    Using relevant examples outline characteristics of a successful

a) As an entrepreneur, discus various values ways in which you can assess and identify abusiness opportunity at the local level.
(10 marks)
b) A good business opportunity manifest various characteristics.
Discuss the statement using relevant examples
(10 marks)
a) The Kenya government is currently encouraging the youth to participate more in self-employment activities rather than focusing
on office monthly employment. Discuss sources of financing small
scale business for youth generation in Kenya
b) Nderitu took one year to develop a business idea.Discuss varioussources that could have assisted Nderitu develop his business idea
(10 marks)