Entrepreneurship and small business Mgt Masai Mara 2017

  1. (a) Discuss the key features of psychological, sociological and economic
    theories of entrepreneurship and show the relevance of each in defining
    (10 mks)
    (b) Using an illustration explain the growth stages of a business
    venture, highlighting the key characteristics in each stage. (15 mks)
  2. (a( Discuss any five roles that creativity and innovation play in the
    growth of micro and small enterprises.
    (5 mks)
    Explain the importance of promoting creation of small businesses
    as a strategy for economic development in Kenya
    Business environment is the key to the growth and survival of any
    (15 mks)
    business. Enterprise, discuss.
  3. (a) Explain five ways that the government can explore in developing an
    enterprise culture in Kenya.
    (10 mks
    (b) Discuss the concept of entrepreneurial process
  4. (a Entrepreneurs can use development of a business plan as part of
    their marketing strategy; discuss this statement in regard to an
    organization of your choice
    (10 mks)
    (b) ) Using relevant examples, distinguish between pull and factors as
    used in entrepreneurship
    (8 mks)