Educational Administration and Management

COURSE TITLE: Educational Administration and Management
Instructions to Candidates

(a) This paper consists of six questions
(b) Answer ANY FOUR questions only

Efficiency of school administrators is determined by existence of a good organization
(a) Discuss any four elements which can be used to structure organizations.
(8 marks)
(b) Briefly explain the majorcomponents of an organization.
(7 marks)

  1. The scientific /classical theories contributed a lot of structuring and management of education.
    (a) Discuss the main contributions of the following components to the management of education.
    (i) Henri Fayol-(6 marks)
    (6 marks)
    (ii) Max Weber
    State three criticisms labelled against this theory.
    (3 marks)
    3.Delegation is the process by which managers assign to subordinates the right to make decisions
    & act in certain situations.
    a) Discuss five principles that are useful when delegating authority
    b) Outline five barriers to delegation and explain how to overcome them
    (10 marks)
    4 a) Periodically schools experience diverse changes in management and curriculum. How
    can a leader institute a new change in his/her school
    (10 marks)
    b) Discuss some of the strategies that can be used to overcome resistance too change
    (5 marks)
  2. The Constitution of Kenya (2010) has the Bill of Rights at its core while the Kenya Vision
    2030, acknowledges the need to reform the education and training to create a sector fit for
    purpose. This has led to the policy provisions embodied in Sessional Paper number 14, of
  3. Discuss the key elements in this document in relation to management of education
    (15 marks)
    (a) A leader is made and not born. Discuss
    (5 Marks)
    b) Distinguish between the following theories and styles of leadership
    i Democratic and Laissez faire leadership styles
    ii. Transformational and Transactional Leadership styles
    iii. Functional and Contingency theory
    iv. Theory X and Theory Y



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