Importance of internal efficiency rates of an education system.

1.  The grade survival rate  is used to establish the extent at which students are moving between the successive grades within a system.
2.  The Grade repeater rate is used to establish the extent at which students are  unable to make to the next grade within a system.
3.  The  graduation rate is used to establish the  number of learners  who were able to complete an education  level in order to move to the next level of education or enter the market.
4.  Grade Dropout rate and  grade wastage rate are used to determine the extent at which  students are dropping out of a system and a repeating within the system.
5.  Grade retention rate is used to assess the ability of the  education system to retain students in a given grade in a particular  year.
6.  Cohort wastage rate is used to calculate the loss that occur between the entry point and the exit point of a particular level of an education system.



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