Development is a process of structural societal. Development is a process of historical change. It is focused on processes of structural societal change, deceased oracle and it has a long-term outlook. This is the view of structural transformation and long-term transformations of economies and societies. This means that development involves to socioeconomic structures including ownership the organisation of production, technology, the institutional structure and laws.
Development encompasses continuous positive change a variety of aspects of human condition and Society. In this way, development is a process of structural societal change, but positive and progressive change. It includes progress towards achievement of economic independence which refers to the following;
a) a reasonable degree of self-sufficiency
b) unsustainable degree of diversification of sources and destinations of goods and services.
c) freedom to formulate decisions, economic policies and objectives and pursue them without undue influence from other quarters..
Development therefore is a process of improving the quality of human lives in three aspects.
I) life-sustainance this refers to the ability to provide basic Necessities and improving people’s living standards such as income and consumption.
ii) self-esteem: this is the feeling of self-respect under station of not being used by others for their own aims and ends. This is achieved through establishment of social, political and economic systems and institutions which promote human dignity and respect.
iii) Freedom from servitude: this involves increasing people’s freedom to choose by enlarging The Range of their choice variables such as varieties of goods and services.