Educational Research



The process of arriving at dependable solutions to business problems through planned,

  1. systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data (Orodho and Kombo, 2002). Kcrlingcr (I973) defines research us the systematic. controlled and critical investigation of all hypothetical propositions about the presumed relations among natural phenomenon.
  2. Tuchmnn ([978) : syslcmalic ullcmpl to provide answers to questions Mouly (I978) dct‘mcs i! as u process of arriving at effective solutions to problems through
    systematic collection. analysis and interpretation of data.
  3. To research is In carry out a diligent inquiry or critical emanation of a given phenomenon. It implies exhaustive study, investigation or experimentation following some logical sequence (Mugenda & Mugenda, 1999)

There are four components in this definition:

  1. It is systematic: Research solves problems in all areas in a systematic way. It involves identification of a problem, review of related literature and data collection. Data collection requires proper organization and control in order to be able to make valid decisions about the problem. Data analysis, conclusion and recommendations follow.

2. It is objective: Research attempts to find objective unbiased solution to problem. It involves use of primary (first hand) and secondary data (using existing data). It is aimed at funding objective unbiased solution to the problem.

  1. It is based on observable experience or empirical evidence: It demands accurate
    observation and description.
  2. It employs carehllly designed procedures and rigorous analysis.