Geography of development online quiz

  1. Discuss the impact of settlement on
    (a) Forest cover (3mk)
    b) Agricultural land (3mk)
    c) River banks (3mk)
  2. Africa lacks development of renewable energy
    a) List some of the energy sources commonly used in Africa. Give reasons for this(2mk)
    b) What are some of the renewable energy sources Africa can use for its
    development. Give reasons for your answer (3mk)
    c) Explain why non renewable energy is bad energy for the environment(2mk)
  3. Discuss the Impact of the following in developing countries.
    a) HIV/Aids (2mk)
    b) Desertification (2mk)
    c) Technological advances (2mk)
    d) Unstable governments (2mk)
  4. Describe and explain why the following are poorly developed in Kenya as compared
    to developed economies
    a) Infrastructures (roads & railway system) (3mk)
    b) Energy sector (3mk)
    c) Rural environments (3mk)
  5. How are the following factors enhance economic growth in developing countries in
    a) International corporation (3mk)
    b) Trade blocks (3mk)
    c) Political system (2mk)
  6. Lack of Knowledge and financial capital are the major hindrance to development in
    Africa. Discuss (15mk)
  7. Discuss issues associated with urban development in Africa South of Sahara(15mk)
  8. The following are regarded as threat to any development in African countries.
    a) Insecurity and safety of the environment (5mk)
    b) Corruption (5mk)
    c) Culture of the communities (5mk)

  1. a) Define the term Development Geography(2 marks)
    b) Describe Human Poverty Index as a composite factor of development.(3 marks)
    c) Give a critique for the modernization theories.(5 marks)
    d) explain the role of the environment in determining development possibilities.(6 marks)
    e) Examine the concept of sustainable development.(6 marks)
    f) Examine the functions of non-governmental organisations.(8 marks)
  2. Discuss the dependency theories of underdevelopment (20 marks)
  3. Describe the concept of structural adjustment programs and explain why it was prescribed to least Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) by the Bretton Woods institutions. (20 marks)
  4. Evaluate Kenya’s vision 2030 paradigm in relation to the country’s development. (20 marks)
  5. Discuss the factors that explain the inequality of development between and within nations.(20 marks)

1.(a)Define the concept of sustainable development. [3.3 marks]
(b)Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the economic yardsticks used to measure development. [20 marks]
2.Outline Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and examine the role of Universities in the attainment of these goals. [23.3 marks]
3.(a)Define the concept globalization. [3.3 marks]
(b)Discuss the negative consequences of globalization on the economies of developing countries. [20 marks]
4.Describe the models of polarized development as postulated by EITHER G. Myrdal
OR A. Hirschman. [23.3 marks]
5.(a)Name any FOUR Basic Needs. [4 marks]
(b)Evaluate the role of any FOUR contributions of community participation imitatives. [19.3 marks]
6.(a)Name and describe any FOUR forms of decentralization. [8 marks]
(b)Evaluate the above decentralization measures. [15.3 marks)

1.a)Define the term development in the context of Seers-Goulet views. [6 marks]
b)State any three Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and explain the efforts Kenya has made towards achievement of these goals. [17 marks]
2.Examine the role of Kenya?s ruling elites in the process of underdevelopment. [23 marks]
3.a)Systematize Rostow?s stages of economic growth.[5 marks]
b)Assess the relevance of W. W. Rostow?s stages of economic growth as a model of explaining underdevelopment. [18 marks]
4.Examine the political, regional and social-economic problems identified by the core-periphery models of Gunnar Myrdal, Albert Hirschman and John Fiedmann. [23? marks]
5.Choose any one community development initiative that you are aware of and discuss it under the following headings:
b)Weaknesses and challenges
c)Successes and impact.
6.a)State the overarching goal of Kenya?s Vision 2030 mentioning the three pillars upon which it is hinged. [5 marks]
b)Examine the factors that may hinder achievement of Vision 2030. [18 marks]
. a) Giving examples, explain the meaning of the following terms;
i. Less developed economies and developed economics.
(4 marks)
ii. Sustainable development and sustainable environment.
(4 marks)
iii. Brain drain.(2 marks)
b. Describe and explain any four factors that hinder development in Africa.
1.a)Define the concept Development
b)Briefly explain how economic growth can be a cause of

2.a)Explain the pillars upon which Kenya?s Vision 2030 is hinged.
b)Examine the salient factors that may hinder achievement of Vision 2030.
3.a)Briefly explain the fundamental principles of center-periphery theories.
b)Using appropriate examples, describe John Friedmann?s model of regional
4.a)Distinguish between bottom ? up and Top ? down development models
b)Using examples, discuss any four problems that Kenya faces in efforts to
decentralize development.
5.Discuss the contributions of community participation as an empowerment
mechanism in achieving rural development.
6.a)Define the term globalization
b)Discuss any four negative impacts of globalization in the Less Developed
economies.(8 marks)
c. Discuss the effects of industrialization and urbanization in Africa. (8 marks)
d. Compare and contrast urban and rural development in Africa.(4 marks)

  1. Describe and explain land use patterns in Kenya and its impact.(20 marks)
  2. Waste materials due to development are necessary evil in Africa. Discuss. (20 marks)
  3. Congo Zaire is very rich in resources yet it is one of the poorest in the world. Discuss.(20 marks)
  4. Discuss indicators of development.(20 marks