Quantitative skills past papers

Quantitative skills

  1. If 9^×=541.3, find the value of x. ( 3mks )
  2. In a survey of 86 students in University, the following information was obtained:
    50 were enrolled in a management course.
    36 in a business course.
    25 in Human Resource course.
    20 in a management course.
    18 in Business and Human Resource course.
    9 in management and human resource course.
    8 in management, Business and Human resource course.

  1. (a) Represent the above information in a set notation and a venn diagram. (4mks)
    (b) How many students were enrolled in,
    (1)Exactly one of the courses. (1mk)
    (2)Exactly two of the courses. (1mk)
    (3)At least one of the courses. (1mk)
    (4)None of the courses. (1mk)

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST)

Course Title: Quantitative skills II

First year second semester

Course code: ESM 104

Time: 1 HOUR

Instruction to candidates:
Answer all questions

  1. Distinguish between the following terms:
    i) Deferred annuity and annuity due. (2marks)
    ii) Accounts Receivable and Notes Receivable. (2marks)
  2. Kimani, an employee of Matopeni Co. Ltd received fixed annual increment with a final salary of K Shs 900,000 p.a after 10 years. If his total salary was 6,500,000 over the ten years, what is the initial salary? (3marks)
  3. If in a geometric Progression a4 is 96 and a5 is 192, find the sum of the 1st five terms. (2marks)
  4. Find three numbers in an arithmetic progression such that their sum is 27 and the product is 504
  5. State any two factors that must be considered in the construction of index numbers. (2marks)
  6. The following data relates to the consumption of various commodities in a certain town. Using the information, calculate: Fisher’s ideal Price index

2011 2012
Commodity Price Expenditure on Quantity consumed Price Expenditure on Quantity consumed
A 8 200 65 1950
B 20 1400 30 1650
C 5 80 20 900
D 10 360 15 300
E 27 2160 10 600

  1. Compare Capital from the following information extracted from the books of Kamande as at 16th June 2012. Debtors K Shs 250; Discount Received K Shs 180: Sales K Shs 480: Purchases K Shs 840; Discount allowed K Shs 100; Returns outwards K Shs 150; Creditors K Shs 360; Cash balance K Shs 400. (3marks)
  2. Mary borrowed K Shs 25,000 repayable after every four months at an interest of 16% p.a compounded every four months. How much interest did she pay on the amount of money borrowed? (2marks)